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We cater to all your mobile equipment engineering needs with a range of consulting and design services.


RKad Engineering is operated by Richard Kowalczyk a Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years experience.


Our projects include: forklifts, mining equipment, verification and design certification, and CAN bus communications.

Our passion for mechanical engineering helps us deliver cost effective solutions without compromise on quality, reliability or performance.

We design mobile equipment such as fork lift trucks, container handling equipment, reachstackers and mobile cranes that are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

We continually exceed your expectations for engineering excellence.

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RKad Engineering has a broad area of expertise in engineering mobile equipment and offers a complete range of services to our clients that includes: consultation and design; verification and auditing of designs and products; and reviewing for improvements and upgrades.


Our approach is simple. We work closely with you at every step - and on all levels - to define and specify your needs. We create the key design criteria needed to achieve your requirements. We can produce new designs or save you money by improving or upgrading existing designs.

RKad Engineering uses state of the art 3D digital technology for all our design and consulting work. We follow standard design codes and regulations and ensure the highest quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.

During the design process we review: ease of manufacturing, local availability of components, ease of service, as well as safety of use.

Our approach to design ensures that we create the 'right' product for your project, with all finished designs accompanied by the appropriate technical, support and service documentation.

Design Verification and Certification

RKad Engineering checks and verifies all their designs to ensure compliance with: industry design codes; statutory regulations; and national and international standards. We also have epxerience with the following standards: AS2359, AS1418, AS4100, AS3990 and DIN 15018.

If required we can apply the latest FEA simulation technology to verify and certify existing designs, provide guidance on product improvement and upgrades.

Consulting Services

Our technical expertise can help clients with analysing existing designs and providing recommendations on:


Owner & Principal Engineer of RKad Engineering, Richard Kowalczyk (MScEng (Mech) MIEAust CPEng RPEQ), has over 30 years in mobile equipment engineering and a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Before starting RKad Engineering, Richard was Chief Design Engineer at Clark Equipment and was responsible for all product and systems development.

Richard has been a Corporate member of The Institution of Engineers Australia since 1982 and brings an extraordinary wealth of experience to every project.

Business Expertise

Technical Expertise

Major Projects and Achievements


View examples of our work from a range of design projects that include: forklifts, mining industry equipment, verification and design certification, and CAN bus communications.

Contact our Principal Engineer Richard Kowalczyk to learn more about RKad Engineering projects.


Mining Industry

Verification and Design Certification

CAN Bus Communications